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An extraordinary drink with a luxurious taste

Proud winner of the Silver Medal at the 2023 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco!

LOVE XO is more than just a luxury liqueur: It is what the world needs now! While it is excellent over ice, it also grants you the ability to be as creative as you like. This unique beverage allows you to celebrate who you are and who you want to be all in the spirit of LOVE. Love Xo appeals to your senses in ways you have yet to experience. So lets ALL celebrate life with Love XO.


French Vodka made from premium selected wheat grains that is used to achieve an exceptional quality,


Acai berries fruit is found in the South American rain forest. Its a perfect compliment for Love XO due to its versatile flavor.


Pomegranate is an antioxidant fruit that is filled with edible seeds called aril.


Distillation came about after years of experimentation to find the perfect temperature, extract, and blending for each ingredient.

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